Table Games for Casinos  


LAB Games Srl is a Venetian company that designs and produces only table games for Casinos.

Why this precise choice? Because there is already a flooding of the entertainment world with electromechanical or virtual games, delivered by unidentified companies intended to reach a large market, even via Internet, but offering very low-quality, often semi-illegal fun to anonymous and solitary players. LAB Games’ mission instead is to develop clever and amusing games for those who still wish to provide a real service to a real clientele, which in turn does appreciate live entertainment in a prestigious ambience.

Our products comes from the research and the collaboration of teams of experts with years of experience in the highest world class entertainment market. The result are simple, elegant and appealing table games, endowed with the glamour of novelty, yet appearing familiar, destined to become a classic and a reference model.

All games - covered by an International Patent - have been developed taking into consideration the many aspects and difficulties of today’s modern Casinos. They can usually be installed using pre-existing supports and equipments, and requires less personnel than other table games. A particular attention is devoted to the economical return for the House, pursued directly as well as through the goal of increasing the customers’ attendance and interest.

Should you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Gianni Callegari

at the following:

Tel: ­+ 39 338 1962277


Address: LAB Games Srl – Via Fradeletto, 29/B-3, 30173 Venezia, Italy